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Our works are purely based on lifestyle photojournalistic approach. We love telling your story with a mixture of candid and formal shots.


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WHAT WE ENJOY MOST ABOUT THIS BUSINESS... It has to be the fact of getting to meet different people of different backgrounds and getting a bit of a share of their love stories! How can we not enjoy ourselves when we are always lurking in such happy environment. Having to be involve in all of those different and unique cultures of each wedding has always been a mind blowing experience too.


• Choose your photographer based on the style that you prefer. Their passion and enthusiasm are the key to their work. • Other than your wedding rings, those priceless photos will be the only lasting reminder of your wedding day. Therefore, set a realistic budget for a wedding photographer.


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Booked Ashley for our three-days wedding event. A professional photographer! Our special moments caught beautifully 🥰🥰🥰 Totally recommend Ashley to my family and friend without hesitation. Thank you Ashley!

Bonnevie Labunda


Having a professional and well experienced photographer is a MUST on your wedding day. The situation on that day could be chaos, it’s like a time bomb. With Ashley Koh Photography, you can count on them to the job. Everything was well planned and organized. They know how to handle the stressful situation and organized everyone (in big groups) for a great photography session. Also they are a team player by telling the bridesmaid and groomsmen their duties. The pictures that were taken are not just wonderful pictures, it’s telling stories. Stories in stills but speak thousand of words. Me and my wife were amazed and so grateful we are able to grab them for our wedding. I would like to applaud Ashley and his partner FJunior for being early for the event and do scoutings before the event starts. This is where the experience comes, I was informed by Ashley that our slideshow will not have music because the lighting guy who was incharged of the slideshows didn’t bring the cable (imagine that). But Ashley solved the problem less than half an hour. The wedding went well without any other problems (just low on alcohol, didn’t expect 50 crates of beer would finish that fast) and of course we cannot expect everything to be perfect. Moreover, I would really recommend them very much because they gave their heart out doing their job and we are very satisfied with their service.

Roderick Doiglas Jominol

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