WedDreams is constantly being updated, significant changes and news are listed here.

june 27th 2019

New Interface for Desktop and Mobile View

There is a new interface for both desktop and mobile views, with blogs, search bars and a whole new look.

may 23rd 2019

Package page is up

Vendors with Premium Accounts can now list their packages and products for couples to find on the Packages Pages

JUNE 26TH 2019

Search Bar

Users can now search for specific type of vendors or by name via the search bar.

JUNE 26TH 2019

Blog Posts

Couples can now browse through on articles to get more insight and useful tips from professionals of the the wedding industry from various backgrounds.

May 12tH 2019

Premium Accounts and Advertising Packages

Vendors can now opt to upgrade their accounts to add features on their page and to advertise on WedDreams.

APRIL 30tH 2019

Android App is Launched

WedDreams' App for Android users has been launched.

APRIL 11tH 2019

Android App is Under Development

WedDreams' App for Android users is currently under development.

MARCH 21ST 2019

Review and Rating Features on Vendor's Page

On each vendor's page, you can now leave your review and rate vendors by using the 5-star system. Each review is authenticated by the vendor by name and wedding date only to keep reviews unbiased.

March 17tH 2019

Filter Vendors by Location & Price

On each category, you can now filter the vendors by your location and price range of choice, not only that but you can combine these filters together too.

March 11tH 2019

Dresses Category is now Dresses & Accessories

Providers for wedding accessories can now group their services under Dress & Accessories, this includes head wear, shoes and ornamental adornments.

March 7tH 2019

Cakes & Food Catering now available on homescreen

There are now 11 categories featured on the home screen which are: photography, videography, flowers, gifts, cards, emcees, music, makeup & hair, beauty & wellness and now, cakes and catering. More will be available with increasing vendor signups.

March 4tH 2019

Weekly Featured Vendors

Update to a section on the homepage where 5 chosen vendors will be featured for one week.

March 1st 2019

WhatsApp & Call Buttons

WhatsApp & Call buttons are now available on each vendors' page, allowing visitors to start a call or message with just one tap.

February 27th 2019

Responsive images including background images

All images loaded on WedDreams now adjust according to the device's screen size, meaning no taking time to load unnecessary large images for smaller screens.

February 26th 2019

Tablet View for larger devices

Apart from mobile vertical and horizontal viewing support, WedDreams now also supports tablets to provide for a larger viewing experience.

February 25th 2019

Responsive Nav & Categories Popup

A navigation bar is now available on the homepage and vendor pages which allows one-tap access to all categories and also navigation to the homepage.

FeBruary 8th 2019

Edit Profile Feature Live

Vendors can now update details of their WedDreams biz profile by accessing the edit page via the link provided in the email.

Planned Updates

WedDreams is constantly being updated, significant changes and news are listed here.

Share buttons for vendors

Addition of new categories: pre-wedding events, jewellery

Addition of more images for upload

iOS & Android App

Feature for vendors to offer deals & packages