Frequently Asked Questions - Vendors

Who is eligible to sign up?

Businesses of all sizes, startups, entrepreneurs and freelancers are eligible to sign up with WedDreams as long as they offer wedding related services anywhere in Sabah.

How to sign up with WedDreams?

It’s very easy, just click on the Biz Signup on the menu icon and fill in the online form. Your page will be available within 2 days after submission.

Is there any registration fee to be listed on WedDreams?

No, sign up on WedDreams will always be completely free with no hidden charges.

Do you take commission on transactions between vendors and clients?

No, we do not take any commission from any successful transactions between vendors and clients. Clients will have a direct line of communication with vendors via WedDreams.

How can I get to be on the featured vendors list?

Vendors can opt for advertising packages and also upgrade from Free account plan to Pro or Plus Accounts.

Can I edit my information after sign up?

Yes, once you’ve signed up, you will receive an email with an edit link and password. You are free to edit information on your page anytime.

How many businesses can I sign up on WedDreams?

We advise vendors with different business entities to sign up each businesses separately so it is easier for potential clients to find them. If your business is operated under a completely different name, for example, you may sign up each business separately and there is no limit to this.

Is WedDreams open to businesses in Kota Kinabalu only?

We are currently focused on businesses in Sabah, so businesses from any districts in Sabah are welcomed to sign up on WedDreams.

I am a Sabahan but my business is located outside of Sabah, can I sign up?

At the moment, WedDreams in focusing on wedding services based in Sabah first. Support for other cities is planned in the near future.

Is WedDreams available as an App?

Yes, the app is now available on Google Play Store.

How will I be contacted by potential clients on WedDreams?

Clients can contact you directly by sending in a message which will be directed to your email, or they can opt to whatsapp or call you depending on what you’ve set for your business. Clients can also visit your website, instagram and facebook account via your page on WedDreams.