What Brides don't think about


These are minor details that a Bride don’t think about, but I hope this article will help make your wedding day as smooth as possible. 

Preparing a well lit and air conditioned (well ventilated) room for the makeup process

This will help the makeup process as well as give the photographer or videographer a tonne of photo opportunities. A dark room limits the number of shots that they can take and also makes the makeup process slightly slower as the makeup artist will have to adjust to the lighting in the room.

Have tables and chairs in room 

Generally the makeup artist will need 1 table and 1 chair for the makeup process. Make sure you have a chair with backing so you are comfortable during the preparation process.

Get some food in your system

You may be too nervous or sleepy to have some breakfast, but it’s a good idea to have at least a nourishing drink beforehand so you won’t be too drained by noon time.

Trying on your dress a day before the big day

You may have had the most perfect fit when you got it from the bridal house or your tailor, but some things may have changed in between and it’ll be good to make sure that everything still fits and looks good. If there are any changes needed, you’ll have enough time to pin, sew or prepare the right undergarment for your dress. Try taking pictures with flash as well to make sure that nothing shows through your dress. 

Preparing beautiful hangers for your dress for the photo op

Some photographers may come prepared but if you have a nice hanger, it will be great too! These photos will be a nice remembrance for you and hubby and you can add finer details into naming your hangers or engraving meaningful quotes on them. 

Your bridesmaids are there to help YOU!

This is a weird thing to point out but very crucial as many brides tend to forget or overlook this. Bridesmaids are there to help you, assign them with tasks, order them around if you have to, but they are there for you, to help make your wedding day go as smoothly as possible. 

Assign communications to your bridesmaid or family member

On the wedding day, there will be a lot of back and forth communications required for the bride and the other service providers such as caterers, photographers and florists. So, if you want to reduce distractions and stress, because most of the time, the makeup is already in process when your photographer or videographer is en route, make sure to assign someone else to handle the communications for you while you're busy getting ready.

Hire a makeup team that can handle your entourage

Everyone wants to look good on your wedding day, so hire a makeup team that can handle your entourage on that day, make sure everyone is taken care of in terms of makeup and hairdo to avoid last minute melt-downs.

Staying fresh and sweat proof

Tissues and mints are the first two things that come to mind, but there are other essentials that might be useful. Bring a makeup sponge (beauty blender) for touch ups, a makeup finishing spray to hydrate skin and avoid cakeyness after touch ups, a hand mirror to check makeup and hair, hair pins just in case your hair decides to be stubborn or naughty, wet tissue for the body so you can freshen up in between events (church and reception), a spare lipstick or gloss and a battery powered fan just in case it gets heaty. 

Setting aside time for photographer and videographer

An experienced makeup artist will set aside at least an hour for the photographer and videographer to take shots of you after your makeup is done. This is for all of the beautiful shots you see during a wedding reception photo and video presentation. 

Have one person in charge of your rings, dresses, heels, wedding invitation cards and bouquets

This is essential during the photo session, and again usually these are asked for during your makeup process, so doing this ensures that the person can communicate with your photographer or videographer whenever they need these items for the shoots.


Who’s wearing what on which side? This is the usual question I hear most of the time and it’s good to have someone else other than the bride to be in the know about it. The bride is usually bombarded with a lot of questions and requests during the start of the wedding day, and the bride is also the busiest with her photos and videos taken so she might forget. So make sure even though this may seem so trivial and you’d think you’ll have time to explain it, assign someone else for it. Label your corsages if you have to just to ensure you don’t get too overwhelmed in the beginning of your wedding day.

Pins, bra straps and needles

These are the other essentials to have on hand, just in case a dress strap decides to break or someone’s dress is too revealing. At least you can fix it on the spot, well not you, your bridesmaids can do it. Remember to not take too much on your plate, always remember to assign even the smallest tasks to someone else.

Where’s my phone?

Leave your phone with someone else, to reduce distraction and stress generally but more so on your wedding day.

I hope this article can help put some things in perspective for you for your big day! Have a happy wedding and good luck!


I started in 2007 as a makeup trainer and makeup artist, and since then I have been active in the makeup artistry field for wedding, films and prints. I have been trained under various makeup artists from Thailand, Korea, Japan, India, Los Angeles, Australia, Indonesia and Taiwan.

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