Rustic Wedding Idea


Always loved a rustic looking wedding? Although it is quite rare for a rustic wedding to happen in Sabah, BUT it is still possible when you inject imagination and creativity. However, I think a small wedding reception would fit this theme best as a rustic wedding usually takes place in a smaller intimate setting. Here are a few photos to give you inspiration for your wedding day or for your pre wedding photoshoot.

Rustic wedding cake design
Rustic wedding lights using mason jars and strings
Rustic flower arch overlooking the ocean
Rustic ringholder for your wedding day
Flower crown and fire works for that rustic photoshoot
Rustic wedding reception set up in a room with exposed brickwall
Toussled updo for a rustic feel
Rustic table design for your wedding luncheon


I started in 2007 as a makeup trainer and makeup artist, and since then I have been active in the makeup artistry field for wedding, films and prints. I have been trained under various makeup artists from Thailand, Korea, Japan, India, Los Angeles, Australia, Indonesia and Taiwan.

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