6 Tips for Brides Before the Big Day


You may have read all of the tips columns and bridal planning top articles but do you know what a makeup artist would advise you to do or not do before the big day? Check out the 6 Top Tips from a bridal makeup artist with 12 years of experience and you might just thank us later! These tips are based on personal experience on how a bride can improve the overall look of the makeup on well maintained skin and other beauty rituals that might just be as surprising as it is useful.

Drinking a lots of water


Keeping yourself hydrated may seem like a no-brainer but a lot of brides tend to forget this. Water helps in keeping the skin hydrated so if you’re aiming for that glowy radiant bridal look, makeup can only get you halfway there. If you have dry skin, all the glowy makeup products is going to get soaked up by the skin leaving the skin looking matte instead of glowy. Brides also tend to get breakouts or patches of dry skin closer to the wedding day, although this can be caused by stress and tiredness, keeping yourself hydrated can help to avoid these skin issues.

Get enough rest


As a makeup artist, the number one thing I fear is my brides not getting enough sleep and rest for the whole week prior to the big day. How does this affect the makeup process? When you don’t get enough sleep:

  • you may not be able to open your eyes to look up so it may be difficult to apply makeup for the lower eye line
  • the under eye will be puffy and of course there are a few methods to reduce it but it won’t be completely removed, plus makeup can’t remove puffiness! Yes, any concealer won’t be able to remove puffiness, that’s just a myth unfortunately
  • our eyes will get more sensitive and watery so the lashes will have problem adhering


Squeezing your pimple a day before the wedding could be the biggest NO-NO a bride can do. A bride should avoid any little bumps on skin or reactions to facials when it’s really close to the wedding day. Removing facial hair can provide for a smoother canvas for the makeup to adhere to and it’ll provide more glow to the skin, just make sure you schedule that in 1 week before the big day. Sometimes it can be risky for the MUA to shave or remove facial hair on the day itself, in case of injuries or reactions so it’s best to do this much earlier to save time and avoid mishaps.


During the trial, you’re not only testing the makeup out but you are also getting to know your makeup artist’s work etiquette and ability to give you what you want. I have heard so many traumatic stories of clients who have shared that their friend’s makeup artist arrived late on the actual day, or was not able to put on the type of lashes that they wanted. It may seem trivial but the little things really affects the overall look and comfort of the bride. So schedule your appointment today to avoid disappointment in the future.


You may like a certain makeup look but the person in the picture looks nothing like you. There’s only so much a makeup artist can do. So when you’re browsing through the makeup looks, make sure to find someone who looks something like you so the MUA can emulate the look much better. The most important part is the eyes, so look out for someone who has similar eye shapes to yours, it could be deep set, hooded, down-turned or wide-eyed. While you can look for similar features, please also bear in mind that the overall look still depends on how the model (person in picture) poses, the lighting conditions of the photo versus the actual environment you’re in, the hairdo and outfit choices. So it’s important to manage your expectations on how the makeup will look on you and also get a makeup artist that can copy a look really well, so you will be satisfied with your bridal look.


When I meet my clients and discover that their skin is really dry, or looks dull, I would suggest for them to put on hydrating facial masks every night for 1 month. It may sound extreme but this is a sure way to boost the skin plumpness and elasticity in making sure the makeup adheres easily on the skin and this also ensures makeup longevity for the bride. Usually I will get asked by my client, how long will the makeup last? The answer is pretty simple, it all depends on your skin. If you have normal skin, your makeup is going to last the longest, makeup tends to slip from oily skin and cracks on dry skin. While all of the skin care steps should still be maintained, a bride should remember to hydrate, hydrate and hydrate their skin. A hydrating facial masks delivers a lot of nutrients to the skin via rich serums or essence and it is a relatively easy/ relaxing thing for a bride to do. So while you are busy organising the table arrangements or planning your decorations, why don’t you put on the facial mask as well?

For more of these useful tips, head on over to @wed.dreams Instagram or www.wedddreams.my for wedding services in Sabah. Article has been contributed by @bev_muah a makeup artist and trainer in Sabah with 12 years of experience in bridal makeup artistry


I started in 2007 as a makeup trainer and makeup artist, and since then I have been active in the makeup artistry field for wedding, films and prints. I have been trained under various makeup artists from Thailand, Korea, Japan, India, Los Angeles, Australia, Indonesia and Taiwan.

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