How to reduce wedding planning stress


While I was reading a lot of stress reducing articles, talking about getting more sleep, or drinking more water I realised that nobody wants to read that. It's too general and basic right? I for one had a very very stressful wedding planning experience, and I found doing these few things helped me alleviate the stress levels and it's not your common, rest more and eat well bs.

Listing a to-do list with schedules

While it is overwhelming to think of as a 'whole' idea, when compartmentalised into smaller bits, a big event can seem manageable. So start listing what you need to do from start to end and put a date in so you'll know when to tackle each item.

Delegate tasks to friends and families

Once you've listed what to do, delegate some tasks to other willing and helpful individuals. This will help with your headache and on the wedding day, they can be in charge of the task leaving you with a few things less to do.

Talk to experienced couples

Get tips from couples who just got married, find out what they think you can do better and get some reviews of vendors from your friends. You will be able to avoid major setbacks or problems on the big day.

Reward yourself

You can reward yourself with an island trip or a girls' night out when a major task is done to keep your spirits up and you'll be re-energised from a night of fun and laughter.

Cry when you need to

Don't hold everything in, sometimes crying about it can actually be very relieving and you'll feel much better after you've talked it out. Have a conversation with your partner or friends and don't keep it all to yourself. They may have some useful advice or tips that can help you.

Don't expect everything to be perfect

This is a major stress point for a lot of brides, wanting everything to be perfect. I will always say to my clients, relax, yg penting kamu kahwin, yg lain tuh tidak penting, which translates to 'Relax, the important thing is for you to get married, everything else is secondary'. Don't sweat the small stuff and focus on the bigger goal.

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