Choosing the right emcee

Emcee Jason

1) The number of years of experience does not define or represent how good the emcee is. Go straight right to it in asking for his profile, or better yet, some videos of himself/herself. Even if the emcee doesn't have any videos of him/her hosting for a wedding, just evaluate the emcee by the way he/she speaks and present himself/herself. Make sure to also ask whether he/she has ever hosted for a wedding or not. You can give junior or new emcees a chance to host for your wedding but make sure you hire a wedding manager to assist the emcee or guide him/her.

Emcee Jason

2) Although weddings in Sabah are flexible and simple, there are certain ceremonies and customs in a wedding that are very complex. Some emcees may not have the knowledge or experience in conducting these customers/ceremonies (such as procession, cake cutting, toasting, etc.). It is best to hire a wedding consultant, planner or manager to assist the emcee unless the emcee has the knowledge and experience in executing these (for example, who should enter first during procession or what does the cake cutting ceremony symbolises). It is best to ask the emcee if he/she knows how to conduct these customs/ceremonies.

3) Hiring professional emcees. There is a reason why some emcees charge expensively. When I first started out, I charge my clients at a very affordable price. Now that I have gained the knowledge and experience in hosting for weddings, I charge at a higher rate because the reason for this is that I can minimise the risks of the wedding going sideways. Making the wedding more lively and memorable is just an added value from the emcee but the key point why some emcees charge higher is that they have the experience in minimising unwanted risks from happening during the wedding (for example, emcee saying something rude or not knowing what to do when something doesn't happen according to plan).

4) How to spot an experienced emcee? An experienced emcee will have more questions than answers during a meeting. An emcee's duty is not only to master the ceremony but to also help the couples to discovery certain parts of the wedding that they might have missed out on as well as have full understanding on the whole ceremony itself. Some very essential questions include: How to pronounce the names of the couple and parents? Is there any theme for the wedding? (It's best if the emcee dress up accordingly. You don't want an emcee wearing red in a wedding where the theme is black and gold). Who to invite up on stage during the toasting ceremony? (Some couples prefer to have more family members up on stage, while others, prefer to be on stage just on their own).

5) Be clear with what you want. Couples have to understand that there are many types of emcees with different styles. Make sure you (as a client) communicate with the emcee on how you want the wedding to be. Do you want it to be more formal? Do you want it to be elegant? Or perhaps you want it to be fun? Ask the emcee whether he/she can pull it off (don't forget to ask for some video samples according to the style you want). Some emcees are versatile enough to present themselves in a formal and casual manner, while others can only present themselves in certain styles. Find the cadence between how you want the wedding to be and how the emcee performs, and you'll have yourself a wonderful wedding.

Emcee Jason

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