Wedding Door Gift with a Twist


Looking for creative door gifts that can also save you some 'moolah'? Check out this list of creative door gift with a twist of word play.

Sweet as Love

You can label your jars with the person's name or the wedding couple's name and fill the jars with candies, cookies, any sweet snacks that can be bought in bulk to save you some cash. If you can bake, you can prepare cookies or macarons to fill the jars and personalise the door gifts even more.

Spread the Love

This is a cute label that you can put on honey jars, jams, peanut butter or 'kaya'. It may be an everyday item in any household but these are exactly what guests love, items that they can actually use or eat.

Grounds for Celebration

Coffee grounds can be filled in jars, small tubes or bags and you can even opt for coffee beans. Even if some of your guests might not like coffee, but they can always give it to their loved ones. Famous coffee like Kopi Tenom would be a nice parting gift for your guests who came from overseas as well.

Love is Brewing

For tea lovers, you can opt for Sabah Tea from Kundasang. Now Sabah Tea has a variety of selections from Pandan, Turmeric, Ginger, Lavender and the list goes on. Putting in a local touch into your door gifts plus making it something that people can enjoy even after your event is over is pretty neat.

Shower with Love

Another cute play of word with a favorite door gift item, handmade soaps! Now Sabah has so many soap makers such as Sop.Co, that you can customise the scent and colour to your liking. It's not expensive and it's unique!

Thanks for Popping by

I don't know about you but I love getting food as door gifts cuz the dinner always starts late! So I can have something to munch on while I wait for the reception to start, plus nobody dislikes popcorn. Am I right?

The Perfect Match

This is a unique one and I've never seen this done yet, but it's a cool play of words and it's another useful item that your guests can bring home.

Let Love Grow

As a lover of gardening, I would be super happy to receive plants. You can also include a small guideline or directions on how to take care of these babies, so your guests will always have something to remember you by.

You can even propagate your own succulents and make them into your wedding door gifts.

Thanks for helping us tie the knot

This refers to the pretzel and also a cute snack for your guests while they wait for the dinner to begin.

Do leave your comment on what you think would make a cute wedding door gift with a twist of word play!


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