5 Most Unlikely Tips for Bride & Groom from Pro Photographer

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Tip #1 Utilising Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Have your bridesmaids and groomsmen around during makeup & preparation process. They can help you with stuff, for example, preparing your attires, rings and flowers for the photographers. They could also act as your third eye to monitor your look and what the photographer/cinematographer might need for their shots. A good bridesmaid will always carry tissues in case the bride cries or sweat and a good groomsman will help you adjust your tilted bowtie. Basically, they should act as your personal assistants for the day.

Tip #2 Assign an Announcer for Group Shots

This might look not as important as the other parts of a wedding, but a good announcer can help speed up the group shot session. This will be useful when there’s another wedding ceremony coming up at the same church after yours. Prepare a list of group shots for the announcer. Some guests tend to sway away after the ceremony. Better to start with the larger groups first then move on to the smaller groups.

Tip #3 Lightings and Effects

A good lighting system (follow lights, fairy lights etc.) and effects (such as smoke, confetti, bubble, sparklers etc.) goes a long way in providing a good setup for your wedding photographers and videographers. You’re going to love the results!

Tip #4 Comfort Over Style

We all have certain styles we would like to present ourselves with on our wedding day. A long bridal dress might make it hard for the bride to walk along the aisle and a mermaid cut evening gown might make it harder for the bride to dance in. Having a backup such as a good pair of sneakers might do you good with all the standing up and dancing!

Tip #5 Don’t Worry (Too Much), Be Happy!

It’s difficult to achieve perfection. But some imperfections can (most of the time) make a wedding day great. Sometimes things won’t go as planned, but that doesn’t mean it should stir you away from having a great time. Be happy. Things will turn out great eventually. Besides, it’s one of the most happiest moments of your life! Celebrate your love! Your photos and videos will thank you later for your smiles and laughter.

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